Joe No Palooka – Proves Obama is a Liar

Watching the Obama bulls**t speech last night was making my blood boil. He was just putting lipstick on the same old pig known as HR 3200.  As usual nothing new was learned from this white house hemorrhoid Marxist. Then Rep Joe Wilson from South Carolina called it what it was; A LIE! What was even better is the apology to Mengele Brother Rahm Emmanuel. Wilson called it a general apology for speaking out of turn. Politico called Wilson defiant when talking about the apology. I say HELL YEAH!

Of course the fifth column wants Wilson punished for interrupting Obama. I say these leftists have a short memory. In 2004 Harry Reid called Bush a loser and a liar on Meet the Press, and Congress also called “GW” a liar when predicted the demise of Social Security. George was telling the truth then, and so was Joe last night.

On Hannity tonight Wilson explained quite clearly that illegal aliens would be covered as well as abortions. It was nice to see someone who knew the bill, and explained how it worked. Something Barack couldn’t do last night because he doesn’t know the damn bill!   Somehow I don’t think Joe will be invited on the View or Oprah anytime soon. Also for those who are keeping score section 1233 of HR 3200 will support Palin’s claims of death pane… I mean end of life counseling. Look how well it works at the VA!

Joe Wilson was desperately needed. It’s time to call out this liar and make him accountable for what he’s done to this country. I’ve heard Wilson’s Democratic opponent received allot of online campaign donations last night. Being an equal opportunity blogger below is a link to help Joe Wilson:


Jim DeMint said Healthcare Reform could be Obama’s Waterloo.  Hey Jim! You Mitch and the boys need to follow Joe’s lead and make this issue his Hiroshima. It’s time for you guys to get into the game and earn your pay or be replaced.