Delusional Liberal Host

The one time ESPN side kick of Dan Patrick and liberal dolt Keith Olbermann is hopping mad one of the 33 apostles has been exposed by that former CNN upstart Glen Beck. Keith ordered his “Olbermaniacs” to dig dirt up on Beck as payback for the ouster of Jones. According to News Busters “Olberslime” eventually did call off the attack on Beck, but wants his minions to stand by incase they’re needed.

Hey yo’ Keith! What minions are you talking about? NO ONE IS WATCHING! Your show can’t compete with a 1930’s Ronald Coleman movie on TCM, and there’s not one creditable journalist that values your opinion. But I wonder why that is? Well accusing Bush of being a fascist, refusing to go on the air during the Clinton impeachment hearings (because he didn’t want to report bad news about Billy), and not showing any objectivity may do it.

GE should clean house at MSNBC. Their lineup is as popular as reruns of “Mr. Belvedere”. As a matter of fact I’d rather watch that bad 80’s sitcom with Bob Uecker before being subjected to the socialist rants of Olbermann. To borrow a phrase from the great KO that’s “putting the biscuit in the basket”.