Van Jones Should Be a Start

The ouster of truther-commie-racist Van Jones is welcome but it shouldn’t stop here. All funding should be suspended until these Czars can be investigated and their past actions made public. Want more proof we need to “De-Jonesify” these Czars?

Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren claims global warming will kill one billion people by 2020. How can someone rationally advise the President with beliefs like this? There’s no proof global warming even exists. The man who came up with the Global Warming concept Charles Keeling eventually said his theory was wrong. Unfortunately Mr. Carbon Footprint Al Gore has kept this debunked theory alive, and Holdren has swallowed it hook line and sinker. No wonder we’re looking at Cap and Trade.

Senior advisor Valarie Jarrett was tickled pink to have recruited Jones, and don’t think Obama didn’t know what good old Van’s views were. In a statement from the Whitehouse they thought Jones’ views wouldn’t be a problem. Why not?  Stating white environmentalists are positioning minority communities, and only white boys can shoot up a high school shouldn’t be controversial in the Obama post racial America.

By the way – Howard Dean called the resignation Van Jones a loss for the country. Hey Howard what did we lose besides a bigot (just ask the Oakland PD), and how the hell did you become a doctor let alone a governor?