Indoctrination Obama Style

Obama won’t quit with his socialist agenda. The latest evidence of this is the speech he’ll be giving to school children nationwide then assigning an essay about how to help him. Like anything else if this would’ve been Bush Code Pink would’ve been seeing red (Where is Code Pink by the way). Asking an 8 year old to write an essay about how he or she can help the Messiah is way out of line. The essay assignment was cancelled, but the problem is they tried it! If nothing was said our children would’ve been ignoring critical homework to write an essay about helping Obama (Who said it’s not about him).

Children should not be having a relationship with a President. They pledge an allegiance to the country, not to a leader. This is eerily reminiscence of the Soviet Union or Castro (Remember Diane Watson?). I’ve heard Obama should be used as a role model. Let’s see he sat in a racist church for 20 years and lied about what he heard.  Sealed records so no one really knows much about his activities in college, uses the race card to get what he wants, and is trying to destroy the free market. That’s not a role model our kids should look up to.