Same Old Funka from Trunka

New mutant President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trunka boldly states they will not back a healthcare reform bill without the public option. I wonder why? Could it be having this public option mean these union leaders can pocket a bigger percentage of the dues rolling in each week? As we see with the collapse of GM labor unions are so corrupt it’s a joke. I can only think of one bigger joke and we have three more years of him.

The loss of jobs to other countries are directly related to extortion tactics geniuses like Trunka have pulled in the past. As Obama tries to pass cap and trade and other penalties to grab power, unions are waiting in line for their reward after pouring millions of dollars into the Messiah’s presidential campaign. Little do they know when these socialists no longer needed you’re the redheaded step child at a family reunion.  Just ask Cindy Sheehan.