Diane Watson Reveals Her True Colors

It seems like every time there’s a healthcare debate, or a town hall meeting the true colors of these communists come through. The latest example of this comes from California Congresswoman Diane Watson. Ms. Watson’s latest speech praises the Cuban healthcare system, and calls Fidel Castro one of the brightest leaders she’s ever met. Well Ms. Watson while you have nothing but praise for Castro and his slime ball buddy Che Guevara, in reality they were nothing but animals.

But let’s look at the facts shall we Ms. Watson. Here are some of the Castro career highlights that Ms. Watson may have over looked:

  • More than 100,000,000 people have been killed in the name of communism’s form of “justice and equality.”
  • Che Guevara, co-founded with Fidel Castro, a Stalinist police state where the regime mandates what its “subjects,” read, say, earn, eat (both substance and amount), where they live, travel or work (does this sound familiar?).
  • Che Guevara was one of the leaders of a regime that executed more people in its first 3 years in power than Hitler did in his first 6.
  • During the 1960s alone, the regime executed over 100,000 people, and incarcerated some 350,000 political prisoners out of a Cuban population that numbered only 6.3 million in 1960.
  • Che Guevara became the first head of the Central Bank, and then the minister of finance in order to move to a Soviet-style command economy.

Before Castro and his buddies seized power Cuba had a higher standard of living than half of Europe, a larger middle class than Switzerland, more unionized workers than the U.S., and more doctors and dentists per capita than Great Britain. Gee Diane either you’re totally “f-ing” brain dead or a communist to praise what Castro has done. My guess is a little of both.

But let’s get to your praise of Cuba’s healthcare system. You’d think with this finely tuned system Castro would use it. WRONG! Fidel had a doctor from Spain treat him for an illness in 2006, and used the same doctor for a physical in 2007. I think that proves his faith in Cuban doctors. Isn’t it funny like Castro the Cuban style healthcare system Obama wants here you will be exempt from. Somehow I’m not laughing!

But since you were so impressed with Fidel I wonder what he thought of the Congressional Black Caucus? To get some insight on this issue let’s see how Afro-Cubans are treated. Below is an excerpt from an article dated July 16, 2009 on the RefWorld website:

“Many Afro-Cubans have only limited access to the dollar-earning sectors of the economy, such as tourism and joint ventures with foreign companies”.

Diane, don’t look now but it looks like Fidel might be a racist. I can only imagine what was said in private about the CBC, hell about Obama. Below is a link to the entire RefWorld article:


Ms. Watson your speech yesterday was totally disgusting. Not because you’re a liar but because people trusted you by their vote, and the way you pay them back is by selling them communism and selling them out.