Cindy Who?

Cindy Sheehan is back to make war unpopular again!!! Yes that same woman that traveled to Crawford, TX to hound GW is getting her band back together and going on tour. Their first tour stop is Martha’s Vineyard to see the Messiah. Yes Barack is going to be serenaded with those same dulcimer tones George heard. But now it may be worse since the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan are mounting.

You wouldn’t know how poorly the wars are going due with the media shielding their hero, and for some strange reason I think the Sheehan ensemble will receive to no coverage either. When Sheehan was crooning at the Crawford ranch the media made a big deal out of it. After all Bush stole the election from Captain Planet and it was payback time. Now she’ll be disrupting the savior’s well deserved vacation. After all it’s hard work trying to destroy the greatest country in the world in less than a year. I wonder if Cindy’s little band will be called names like anti-American or hate mongering racists.

Cindy you better get used to it these liberals no longer need you and that favorable coverage is gone. But don’t worry Ms. Sheehan these liberals are finding out the American people don’t need them anymore either.