Things to Come With Obama… I Mean “Kennedycare”

An indication of how well HR 3200 will work is to look at the system it’s modeled after; the healthcare system of the UK. The reports of breast cancer patients unable obtain medication, waiting lists for an MRI, and dismal cancer survival rates are all well known problems. But wait it only gets better.

Now reports are surfacing UK hospitals don’t have the facilities to handle new births. So instead of being delivered in maternity wards (like here), babies are being born on lifts (gurneys), offices, corridors, reception areas, and toilets. The reason why there’s no room, not enough money.

Due to budget constraints maternity beds were cut by 2,340 or 22% since 1997. The only problem is birth rates have risen by 20%. Just imagine if the UK had the illegal immigration problems of U.S. Talk about no room at the inn! Howard Dean was boasting at a town hall meeting about the British system. I wonder why this little factoid wasn’t brought up. Hell I wonder how Dean became a doctor.

Obama and his little merry band of Marxists want to rename the bill after Ted Kennedy to gain support. Ted got top notch treatment and squeaked out another year of life. I wonder if that treatment would be available if Obama…I mean “Kennedycare” was in place instead of the status quo. Oh I forgot he’s a senator so he would keep his gold plated healthcare. The American people would be the ones out of luck.