Hey! We Need Details

CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey’s solution to his Healthcare insurance problem has raised the Eyre of the Obama civilian army i.e., Unions. The order to attack came down a few days ago and now Whole Food store customers will be greeted by lovely well educated union members. If the administration wanted to quiet their critics just show how “Obamacare” will provide better care than the status quo. What are the benefits? The White House just spent $18 million of our money on their website. How about using it?

The other faction that’s dropped the ball in this debate are the Republicans. Cap and Trade apologist Mark Kirk has been on the radio expounding the virtues of this Holy Grail to the healthcare problem. I did find an outline http://www.gopleader.gov/UploadedFiles/06-17-09_House__GOP_Solutions__Group__Outline.pdf and that’s all I could find. At least it’s not 1,018 pages.

Again let’s see the details. Show us how it works.  A detailed presentation of your healthcare solution would be the political haymaker needed to restore faith in the “Grand Old Party”. This would also setup the 2010 elections quite nicely. But for some reason the leadership of the Republican Party (whoever that is) has decided to sit back and watch the dems flounder.

Admittedly there does need to be healthcare insurance reform. A solution that seems to work was conceived by a CEO of a grocery store chain. Unfortunately he has been demonized for undermining the Messiah. I’m surprised he’s not been called a racist. This is more proof healthcare needs to remain with the private sector and not with the government. Real competition is the only way to drive down cost and improve quality. The government should stick to protecting our country. Starting with the southern border would be a good start.