Holder - The Cowardly AG

Eric Holder appoints John Durham today as special prosecutor to bring those nasty CIA interrogators to justice! Let’s cut the crap! This issue is a smoke screen. The Democrats are in trouble. Reid is as popular as snake eyes in Nevada, Boxer is down in California, and Barney Frank should be in trouble after his disgusting behavior at his town hall meeting last week.

With his precious public option in trouble, his party in turmoil the only thing a messiah can do is head to Martha’s Vineyard for 10 days. While Obama duffs with a Tiger Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. will seek justice for those poor prisoners at Gitmo. After all Abd al-Nashiri (involved with the USS Cole bombing) was threatened with a unloaded gun and a power drill. Hell that’s sounds like a Home Depot spot on Fox and Friends!

Mr. Attorney General if you want to seek real justice prosecute a former boss of yours Janet Reno. Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco? Weren’t these criminal acts perpetrated against innocent American citizens who did have rights? Janet was large and in charge then! So where’s the outrage? If you got the testicular fortitude why not seek real justice, or are we being a coward?

Slime ball of the day is Maxine Waters for calling those who oppose this healthcare sham Neanderthals. Remember her testimony regarding Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 2004. Who in their right mind would trust her?