Kennedy’s Words Not Applicable to Our Vets

I don’t believe I would ever agree with the same man who got away with manslaughter, but in this case I do. Here’s a quote from Ted Kennedy:

“Every American should be able to get the same treatment that U.S. senators are entitled to.”

Well Uncle Ted that’s not the case. As a matter of fact since July a book is being used by the VA which encourages extremely ill veterans to “hurry up and die”. These are men and women that fought for our freedom. Below is a link to the Fox News program on this issue:


Veterans should be honored and cared for yet this administration considers them burdens of society. All the while HR 3200 will ensure healthcare for 20 million illegal aliens. What’s wrong with this picture?


The burden to our country is not the veterans. It’s the party that passed a $787 billion pay out disguised as stimulus, gave $900 million to Hamas, and now gave Brazil $2 billion for off shore drilling (Hey Obama American oil companies can drill now and you won’t have to pay them). There are rumors the Dems could pass HR 3200 by reconciliation despite strong opposition from the American people.  All I can say to Pelosi is who are the Nazis now?

By the way my Slimebag award goes out to Tammy Duckworth. After seeing the video you’ll see why.