Jon - You’re No Cronkite

Jon Stewart shows he’s nothing more than a liberal shill. The latest evidence of this is the attack on Katy Abram who had the audacity to question Arlen Specter at a town hall meeting. The idea she doesn’t want socialism and fall in line with the rest of the goose steppers is just appalling to the forward thinking Stewart. Hey Jon weren’t you the one calling Harry Truman a war criminal for dropping the atomic bomb in WWII?

Well Jon Stewart you are no Walter Cronkite. Hell you’re no Craig Kilborn (That shows you the last time I watched the Daily Show). Hey Stewart here’s a riddle “Where do old liberal TV personalities go when they’re no longer useful, or a pain in the ass?” MSNBC, say hi to Chris, Keith, and don’t arm wrestle Maddow she’ll kill ya’.