There are 15 million Reasons Why Our Healthcare System is “Broken “

While bureaucrats and doctors debate over how to lower our healthcare costs the problem continues to drive our hospitals out of business. Obama’s solution to this problem is to cut $500 billion dollars from Medicare. Good thought let’s stick to our seniors while we have illegal aliens using emergency rooms, and in some cases ambulances for common colds. Why not? The law states you can’t turn them away, and there is no law being enforced making illegal’s pay.

Let’s not just go after Obama, Bush was a big proponent of the McCain/Kennedy bill which due to public outrage was killed. In an article from USA Today dated January 22, 2008 healthcare for illegal’s cost the state of Texas $1.3 billion in 2006 (I don’t think that cost has been reduced). An article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal today states a local hospital is spending $2 million a month on emergency dialysis for 80 illegal aliens. The cost to treat illegals is really taking a toll on this hospital. The staff wonders how long the hospital can say open. I do hear Savage and Levine hit this topic and it has been brought up in town hall meetings.  Strange how this problem is not discussed by the Big 3 or CNN (Forget MSNBC).

Now Obama wants to turn our healthcare system upside down, cut care to seniors, and mandate Americans absorb the cost for treating people that have no business being here. If you want to reform healthcare pass a law to stop this abuse of our hospitals and medical facilities. It’s odd you can be arrested for refusing to pay for a riding a bus, but not for jamming emergency rooms and skipping out on the bill.