Liberals Not Cool Under Pressure

These liberals aren’t your dad’s liberals. When no was said to them then they wanted to negotiate. Say no to them now you’re un-American, a racist, or a Nazi. The new code word for racism is socialist. Hell I thought it was Marxist 10 months ago!! The kicking and screaming by these progressives reminds me of the rich kid that couldn’t get dad’s Porsche for his big date.

What the Dems are finding out is Obama is not a Messiah, but a hack from the south side of Chicago with limited experience. He’s not prepared to sell his brand of healthcare reform to the American people and it shows (so much for brilliance). Today Acorn was bused in for a Specter the defector town hall meeting. As usual they had no clue and just mindlessly yelled for passing of the bill.  Another well laid plan by the socialis… I mean liberals.

Illinois senators Burris, “Turban” Durbin, and my congressman Bill Foster will not hold any town hall meetings which mean they’re in the tank for BO! I’ve let Durbin and Foster know if they vote for this bill they will be on the street. Burris is a joke and I won’t waste my time. The only bigger joke maybe Sheila Jackson Lee. Maybe she could be the next democratic candidate for the governor of Illinois.

By the way – I would like to thank the young republicans of Kane County and Illinois State Senator Chris Lauzen for their inviting me to their meeting. These folks showed how much they cared for this country. It was refreshing.