Strange Swastikas Appear When Obama is in Trouble

Obama‘s healthcare bill is in trouble and he knows it. His staged town hall meeting enlightened no one, and fooled even less. Now all of sudden a swastika is painted on the sign of David Scott’s office in Georgia. There are reports of white supremacist groups growing in numbers, and Barack’s life is in danger because he’s black!! BULL S**T!!

This administration is back in campaign mode using the same old adage; you’re against this bill because the president is black. Never mind this guy is spending money like Paris Hilton on a shopping jag, and has shown little to no leadership. “Obamacare” is a further assault on our freedoms, will destroy the private health insurance industry, and ration healthcare to our seniors. I guess if you’re Ed Schultz with an IQ of 2 this equates to racism.

This weak attempt to use the race card is sickening. Obama has awakened a sleeping giant called conservative America. This giant will not go away no matter what false accusations his propaganda machine may levy.

I say to the Obama administration and his brain dead stooges – BRING IT ON!!!!