Dems Turn the Tables This Week

Don’t you know there’s a right wing conspiracy! This uproar by citizens is a fraud or an act. Republicans are behind the attack on the Obama healthcare plan. As Andre Mitchell stated “People don’t know what’s good from them”. The DNC internet ads, the clips of people shouting, and defender of the people Dick Durbin commenting protesters just want to be on YouTube may have done the trick for now. The focus is now on the poor congressman being abused by citizens, the supposed death threats, and not the socialization of our healthcare.

It’s time to get back on target; killing this bill. There have been peaceful meetings showing concerns, but seniors know their lives are on the line and they have a right to be angry. The disappearing town hall meetings show how little regard these congressmen have for the concerns of their constituency. These congressmen need to know they will pay with their jobs if they don’t represent us. An informed public is exactly what the “Sorcerer of Socialism” didn’t want. The more information about Obama care made public can only assist in hopefully killing this bill. It also may educate these lazy libs who I sure are planning vacations instead of taking the time to read the bill (John Conyers).

Passing this bill in its present form is meant to bring a sense of hopelessness for those of us who oppose these Marxists. I’m not the only one who sees this and it explains the uproar. America has defeated third world “wanna” be dictators before. This one just happens to be President.