The Audacity of Dopes

The town hall meetings aren’t going well for the Marxists. You would think our representatives would realize the people have caught on to this lie; it’s time to rework this healthcare bill. But that’s not what’s happening. Instead concerned citizens are being called swastika carrying Nazis by the Botox queen of the world, and the ass-clown of Nevada. Hey Nancy Nazis were left wingers!!

The kicker to all of this is the so called “heavy hitters” of this misery Pelosi, Reid, and Frank are nowhere to be found. Nancy’s going to have a big party next weekend with a tour of her vineyard, Barney’s going to California, and I don’t care what Reid does (Getting lost in the desert would help). These prima donnas’ have no intention of hearing the concerns of their constituency.  Obama is encouraging citizens will become informants or “rats”. This is straight out of the “Communist Manifesto”! This is more proof of the little regard these Marxists have for the American people. More evidence is this is the ordering of three Gulfstream 550 jets at the cost of $200 million while unemployment is reaching 10%.

It’s ironic that protesters are being attacked by Obama. This community organizer used to stir up mobs on the Southside of Chicago. They would blow whistles in lobbies, and hassle patrons of financial institutions that wouldn’t approve sub-prime loans (That’s true presidential material that is).  No matter how many smear campaign ads the DNC puts on the web, these people (include me) are not a mob paid by the GOP. They are citizens concerned about socializing healthcare in America. If I remember correctly this is exercising our first amendment rights. Unlike healthcare free speech is a right!