What Did We Give Up?

It’s a miracle! Bill Clinton went over to North Korea, weaved the old magic, and two reporters sentenced to 12 years of hard labor are free. WOW! Slick Willie still has it, or does he? Bill Clinton wouldn’t have hopped a private jet if there wasn’t something prearranged. So if there was prearrangement what did the Obama administration give up to gain Ling and Lee’s release? Are we removing weapons or troops from South Korea? Is Obama cranking up the mint and printing more cash?  Maybe a food shipment will mysteriously show up on Kim Jong-il’s door step one morning? Hey how about hooking up Kim Jong-un with Jessica since her and Tony broke up. Nah! Too soon you don’t want to catch her on the rebound.

Another puzzling question is where’s Hillary? Is she that ineffective that Bill had to come in off the bench to pinch hit. Also since Ling and Lee are employed by Al Gore where was he in all of this? Lawrence Eagleberger commented on Greta America has nothing to give North Korea. Somehow I can’t believe that. Something was negotiated besides getting a personal visit from the “Billster”. Either way I’m sure America was on the short end of the stick. Again! Either way its great Ling and Lee are out of North Korea.

By The Way – Those who live in Illinois need to know Congressman Bill Foster has no intentions of showing up to any of the scheduled town hall meetings at this time. More importantly he’s going to vote for healthcare reform bill. I did encounter a woman that was proud to say she was for the public option. I had to ask her did she know this bill will drive the private sector healthcare providers out of business. She told me she read the bill and I was lying (She should look on page 16). The morale of the story is not everyone has been deprogrammed from Obama-mania, don’t give a brainwashed liberal a Nazi salute, and put Bill Foster on list of congressman to vote out of office.

One Last Note – Besides being Obama’s birthday (I thought it was on December 25th? OOPS! Wrong Messiah) White house reporter Helen Thomas’ is 89 today. Just think if the healthcare reform bill becomes law Helen can be one of the first people to be turned down for care because she’s too old.