Rangel on Fox – Lies and Arrogance

With the blue dogs being defanged Charlie Rangel was on the propaganda campaign. His latest stop was Fox News Sunday with Republican congressman Jim DeMint. Good ole Charlie arrogantly expounded the usual liberal views; the healthcare reform bill will save money, function more efficiently, and the public option provide fair competition to private sector. Rangel also contended the GOP didn’t have a plan. DeMint provided counter arguments and outlined the GOP’s plan. I’ve heard the talking points before but they still make sense:

·         Interstate healthcare competition rather than state monopolies

·         Tort reform

·         Block grants for states for people with pre-conditions

DeMint also stated the public option would lead to a single payer system or socialized healthcare. Rangel flatly denied DeMint’s point until Wallace showed the video tape of Barney Frank affirming the public option would lead to single payer option (Barney’s also in favor of a single payer system. In favor of it for us not him. Who keeps voting for this guy?). Rangel stated there are 435 other members in the house and then continued to vilify the private sector healthcare providers.

The government wants to take over our healthcare just like the post office, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. We all know how smoothly these agencies function. Their latest brain-child “Cash for Clunkers” ran out of cash in a week. This is more proof as DeMint said we don’t need “Fannie-Med”.

On a side note it was great to see Kathleen Sibelius (HHS Secretary of Propaganda) and Arlen “The Defector” Specter getting an earful at a town hall meeting this weekend about this healthcare sham. Both Sibelius and Specter didn’t seem to know how to handle an informed public. IT”S TIME TO GIVE THEM HELL!