Jesse Jackson Still Playing The Race Card

Jesse Jackson proved on CBS today the race card business is alive and well under the Obama presidency. Jackson today showed disdain for Sgt. Crowley strictly because of his race. The good old reverend’s claim Gates was a victim of racial profiling was strictly absurd. Jackson also referred to Crowley by his last name while Gates was called Professor totaling disrespecting the police officer. The comparison of Gates to Rosa Parks was never challenged by the spineless Harry Smith. I’m surprised Jesse didn’t rhyme like the old days “Gates stood up to the racist police like a man, and like Rosa Parks brother Gates made a courageous stand”. The 911 tapes were played.  Gates’ neighbor Lucia Whelan didn’t even mention the race of the men when describing the incident.  After the tape they went back to Jackson. Smith kept pitching softball questions so Jesse could get to his agenda.

A speech by “Skip” Gates in 1994 has surfaced this week. The good old professor seemed to have an issue with whites, loved when Macolm X yelled at whites, and mentioned his mother wasn’t too fond of Caucasians either. I wonder what would happen if Gates was white, and in a 1994 speech he spewed how he hated blacks. Can you say community college janitor?

But the real question is why does the media keep tapping Jackson for his opinion? Is it Ratings? Jackson has shown a bias against whites, his rainbow coalition has only two colors, and he’ll do anything to keep in the spotlight. There’s an obvious double standard in America and Jackson has mightily contributed to it. This same double standard called people who challenged the questionable background of a presidential candidate in 2008 racists.