Biden Watch Dog Role Has Bite? – If So It’s Toothless

The Washington Post has got to be kidding! Joe Biden’s role as watch dog over stimulus package spending is drawing a 55% approval rating? I didn’t get off the boat yesterday and unless an unknown brain transplant was performed this is Joe “frickin” Biden. When Obama anointed Biden as the stimulus sheriff it reminded me of a Little Rascals episode.  It’s the one where young Spanky McFarlane found the secret wall panel where the father hid his money. Spanky being all of three years old decided to redistribute the wealth (Sound familiar?) and started throwing money out the window.

I can see “Spanky” Biden throwing money out the window, and the unions, ACORN, Hamas, and other special interests groups catching it. I’m sure there’s a giant pair of scissors waiting for Joe to cut the ribbon on the new turtle crossing in Florida. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if Joe wasn’t watching our money? There could’ve been money spent on swine odor research in Iowa!!

 Biden has had a less than distinguished reputation for years. From plagiarism allegations to asking a disabled veteran to stand up at a rally, Biden seems to find new ways to show he’s the same old Joe.  I hear there’s a celebration for the first 100 days of “Bo” Obama in the white house (This is news worthy). Unfortunately Bo maybe a better watch dog than Joe.