Obama Poll Numbers Are Falling – Republicans Need To Voice Real Solutions

Obama approval numbers are below 50% for the first time. Americans are finally catching onto these fraudulent policies. What I don’t see are Republicans getting out and promoting their solutions, and taking the lead in upholding the free market. They should take a page from the Obama playbook and get into attack mode. Whether on conservative radio, the big 3, or the channel of liberalism MSNBC Republicans need to educate the public on the consequences if these leftists’ policies are passed. But more importantly get their own solutions out to the public.

While Barack is taking foot from mouth and throwing a small kegger, John Kyl should be on ABC educating the public on portability of health insurance, Jeff Sessions showing up on Countdown outlining the advantages of nuclear power, and Mitch McConnell on Meet the Press explaining how tax cuts would bring more revenue to the government while creating more jobs. It’s time for some political counter punching while the opponent is on the ropes.

Don’t trust these “Blue Dogs” dems to do the right thing. They want something and the white house will give it to them to get the bill passed. The Republicans really have a chance get the ear of the American public. It’s time for real leaders to emerge and take this party into the 2010 and 2012 elections with momentum. The message should be look at what’s great about America, and what can be done when government allows its people to be free to solve this country’s problems.