Gates Story Can’t Hide Obama Set Back

The Henry Louis Gates arrest is really a non-news event, but seemed to be the only issue Obama really cared about in yesterday’s press conference. In reading the arrest report at http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2009/0723092gates1.html Gates had a chip on his shoulder and white officer Sgt. James Crowley was made to order. If Gates would’ve just shown his ID to the police and acted civilly the incident would’ve been over. By the way James Crowley was on the scene and tried to revive late Celtic star Reggie Lewis the day of his fatal heart attack. Even with this information why do I think the media is ready to pounce?

But the real story here is Obama didn’t get his August deadline. This is a big deal for this product of affirmative action that has seldom heard “no” or had a setback. He wasn’t the usual cool character in handling the Jim DeMint comments, and his performance at the staged press conference was worse than Tor Johnson’s acting in “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.  The only time he perked up is when Sun Times reporter Lynn Sweet brought up the Gates arrest issue.

While I heard many conservative talk show hosts claiming victory I still don’t think this is over yet. The pressure needs to stay on these “Blue Dogs” until the bill is dead. Think of this bill like killing a vampire; it won’t die until the stake is driven through its proverbial heart. Well the “Blue Dogs” have the stakes and we need pressure them to grab the political hammers AND KILL THIS BILL. You can bet Obama and White House enforcer Rahm Emanuel will be applying the thumb screws.