Press Conference Lack Luster – But We Americans are Being Heard!

Obama’s Healthcare Reform press conference was lame. He gave no details, won’t admit there are problems within his own party, and attacked Republicans who challenge him. Obama was even taking credit for an economic recovery that hasn’t happened (By the way Reagan inherited a far worse economy). There were the typical softball questions about the healthcare reform bill, and Chicago Sun Times Reporter Lynn Sweet set up the “Pres” with a question about the Gates arrest, and the Messiah reminded us there are still racial issues in America.

But in watching this press conference the Messiah’s charisma didn’t seem to work like before. Following the Obama”PR” liberal foot soldiers like Colmes, Lamont-Hill, and Beckel were on Fox lending support to the savior. They seemed almost comical trying to defend him or the bill.  The cumulative impact of Obama’s policies has awakened the American people and this administration’s political clout could be fading. The phone calls, emails, and Tea Parties are reminding members of congress the American people still have a voice. As American citizens we need to make sure our voice is continued to be heard.