Putting a DeMint on Barack’s Pillow Is Just a Start

It’s very interesting to see how Obama handles real resistance for the first time as president. The latest resistance comes from Republican South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. Earlier today DeMint stated the liberal healthcare plan could be Obama’s “Waterloo” which brought out an agitated response from the liberal Messiah proclaiming “It’s not about him.”

Don’t be fooled it has been all about him. Since his speech at the DNC in 2004 where every liberal in America salivated “He could be the one” to the lavish inaugural ball it was all about him. The kid gloves treatment by the media, and the staged town hall meetings are all about him. Now the rough road he’s experiencing is because of him.

As a Presidential candidate Obama ran center left. As President he’s radical left with approval numbers dropping faster than an overplayed hit on the billboard charts. Not only are the Repubs standing up against this healthcare plan, but “Blue Dog” Dems are as well.

Those Democrats and Republicans who stand up against the attempted socialization of this great country should be rewarded with our vote. Those who don’t need to be to know they’re days are numbered. Either way conservatives still need to be more diligent than ever in spreading the truth about this administration’s policies.