America’s Affordable Health Choices Act – There Are No Choices

Conservatives! As Alice Cooper said “No More Mr. Nice Guy!” I know there’s decorum which we conservatives conform to but now the gloves have to come off. Obama and the Dems have passed Cap and Trade in the house, and now we’re looking at socialized medicine being rushed through like the stimulus bill. Liberals say if we don’t rush the bill through the Republicans will politicize it. What they really mean is get the bill passed before the American people can figure it out (Like the Stimulus).

This bill or Obamacare has nothing to do with choice. It will penalize small businesses if they don’t cover all of their employees, penalize citizens if they don’t have government approved health insurance, add regulations that will drive private sector health care providers out of business, and add another costly government bureaucracy.

Small businesses are responsible for about 70% of the jobs in the country. Does this bill sound like it will help small businesses during these economic times? Take a guess!

The following excerpt about the cost of this bill is from a summary provided by The National Center for Analysis The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has issued a preliminary estimate that this bill will cost $1.2 trillion over ten years. Even so, it will only cover 37 million of those without insurance, leaving 17 million people uninsured (even after spending $1.2 trillion!). Of course, the government has a history of underestimating the cost of health care entitlements”.

The best way to spread the word about Obamacare, and quiet those pesky brain washed liberals is with facts. The 1,018 page bill is too long for most of us with lives to read. However there is a concise information package from The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) that can be easily downloaded and studied. Here is the address:  http://actionpack.ncpa.org

It’s time to educate our neighbors and challenge the Obama administration’s propaganda. Our healthcare and freedoms are at stake.