Sotomayor – Not Today’s Top Story

The Sotomayor hearings are a true sham and the Democrats know it. The Republicans can fight, but with Franken they have a super majority. The smirking Diane Feinstein proclaims Sonia has more judicial experience than any Supreme Court nominee in the last 100 years. That’s like saying a slick reading village agitator is the greatest president since FDR. We all see how well that’s going.

But something more important happened today which wasn’t covered in the news. The public healthcare plan is now in the house. The “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act “is the first attempt to destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world. While typing I’m looking at my 78 year old father who’s worked all his life. His healthcare now could be in jeopardy all because of this fraud of an administration’s lust for power. Along with Cap and Trade America is on its way to Obama’s “Hope and Change”. It’s more commonly known as socialism!

I called my house representative Democrat Bill Foster. I expressed my concerns and why this bill needs to be defeated.  We all should be concerned! Instead of expressing my rage below is the link.


Get to know this bill and educate everyone. Call your representatives, and let them know THIS BILL MUST NOT PASS!!!