Creamer and Iverson - Two Liberals Foot Soldiers You Need to Know

You may wonder why I picked these two names. They are the first liberal tag team here in Illinois to start the attack on Cheney and the CIA. The onslaught began on “Beyond the Beltway” last night. This formidable twosome went right after the proverbial jugular of the Bush/Cheney administration like Letterman on a Palin joke jag.

Let’s start with Robert Creamer, the husband of that far left pillar of virtue Jan Shakowsky (she wants to put private health care providers out of business, and believes in Global Warming). Bob proclaimed the CIA and Cheney were not honest with congress and stressed the importance of being truthful. Well Mr. Creamer was convicted of bank fraud while running a community group. He took the cash and left the bank holding the bag. Bobbie what happened to honesty? I guess that’s why RC’s other nickname is ex-felon.

The other liberal gem that graced the airwaves is Barbara Iverson; a professor of multimedia and web design at Columbia College in Chicago. On the program good old Barb stated for the first time in 8 years democracy was working. She intimated the Bush administration had a dictatorial grip on Washington, and now the Messiah is letting government work.

 Barb, babe this administration has appointed more Czars than Peter the Great! They’ve taken over banks, car companies, and want to control the air we breathe, and our health care. You call this an example of democracy? Barbie you need to get your head out the “Communist Manifesto” and “Rules for Radicals” and realize that democracy means the citizens have a say in what goes on. I know of no one that wanted Cap and Trade unless they were total idiots, and it passed anyway! Those parents that have kids ready for college keep them away from this liberal fountain of miss-information.

Keep these two in mind because I don’t think this is the last you’ll hear from them, especially Creamer. He and Jan are on the Obama wagon train and looking for power and money. There is one way to quiet these two – VOTE SHAKOWSKY OUT!!