Uncovering CIA/Cheney Scandal Convenient with Soto-Manure Hearings Starting

Isn’t it convenient the CIA/Cheney scandal has been “uncovered” right when the Sonia Soto-Manure hearings are starting? As usual the progressives are in attack mode to protect their Latina prize, and the liberal media will be more than willing to distract the American public.  I’m sure the public doesn’t want to know about Sonia’s ties to La Raza, or her opposition to immigration enforcement by local and state police. After all her support for amnesty is unimportant to the American people.

New Haven Firemen Frank Ricci and Ben Vargas will testify at this week’s at hearings. No doubt they’ll testify about their reverse discrimination case and Soto-Manure’s ruling.  As reported on Fox News the socialists are ready to defame these two citizens who could possibly thwart the nomination of Herr Messiah’s chosen one. I’m sure there’s someone from ACORN going through their garbage right now, and if anything is found Katie report it along with coverage of the CIA/Cheney scandal.

It’s obvious this attack on Cheney is payback for showing Obama’s obvious flaws a few months ago. It’s also no coincidence the Messiah was on “tour” when this latest round of attacks on Cheney started. He learned this lesson from Richard Daly; let others do your dirty work and make sure it can’t be traced back to you.

Despite the accolades by Diane Feinstein and Ruth “Darth” Bader Ginsberg this woman has no business being on the highest court in the land. Her comments, associations, and rulings show she’ll be an activist ready to do Obama’s bidding. Though her nomination probably can’t be stopped the Republicans need to articulate their concerns and make a stand. Those who don’t should be in deep Soto-Manure when the 2010 and 2012 elections come around.