Illinois State Police Focus on Crime - Not Traffic

Interim governor Pat Quinn was jumping up and down around three weeks ago about his ill-fated income tax rate hike. He’s threatened to cut services instead of tightening the Illinois state governmental belt. Well maybe the “Mighty Quinn” should also make sure the state is using their limited resources wisely.

A great example of this is when driving to work and a state police officer is shooting a radar gun at cars. With all the gang violence in Chicago, and burb towns like Aurora you’d think common sense would prevail and the state police would help out the local gendarmes.

Instead the wise men of Springfield have decided the best way to fight crime is to harass hard working citizens driving to and from work. This practice is no better than a thuggish shake down. Now you may read this blog and think I was given a ticket today. Well you’d be wrong!

I am thinking about the kids in Chicago trying to go to school being terrorized by gangbangers, or trying to play and taking cover because shots are fired. Maybe a patrol car being around wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

The “state’s finest” shouldn’t be on quiet suburban roads looking for seat belt violations when kids are getting shot in their own bedrooms! Lives are more important than speeding ticket quotas!

When I used to watch “Dragnet” or One-Adam12″ the slogan on the squad car was “To Serve and Protect. Today in Illinois it should read “To Serve and Collect”.