Seeing The Man Behind The Curtain

Remember when Dorothy, Toto, and the guys finally figured out the Wizard’s secret and the famous line “Never mind about that man behind the curtain I’m the real Wizard “was uttered. Well maybe Americans are finally waking up and seeing the man behind the presidential curtain.

Checking the Rasmussen polls today it shows Obama’s approval rating at 52%, dipping below 50% in two states. The numbers can be attributed to increasing unemployment, mounting debt, and the uncertainty this administration really knows what it’s doing (i.e., the latest comments from liberal “brainiac” Joe Biden).

Those of us who tried to read the stimulus bill when it was affectionately known as H.R. 1 knew this was not about economic stimulus, but about Dems paying off organizations for getting Herr Messiah in office. Now we’re finding out most of the stimulus money went to states so they could make payroll, and subsidize Medicare and Medicaid. Only about 6% of the stimulus monies have funded infrastructure repair or “shovel ready projects”.  I think something else is being shoveled here (and it can be found in a pasture).

Now stimulus 2.0 is being discussed by the progressive brain trust. With an unpopular Cap and Trade bill heading towards the senate, and the attempted destruction of the private healthcare sector Obama’s honeymoon period maybe finally coming to an end. I hope someone tells MSNBC.

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