Attorney General Holder - Hate is Hate

Recently I’ve heard the purveyor of racial awareness Attorney General Eric Holder pitching a new hate crimes bill. The problem is this hate crimes bill doesn’t address all hate; just hate against certain people. Holder even admitted this bill wouldn’t come into play if a white Christian male, including police officers or service men are victims of a hate crime by any minority. So basically if a white man is attacked by a person of “color” it’s not hate. What is it then business?

This is no surprise with the “racial cowards” comment this former Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno uttered earlier this year. Obviously the mainstream media feels the same about hate crimes due to the lack of coverage this story which is linked below has received.


After reading about this cowardly attack by black teens on this white family, Akron police are now debating whether it’s a hate crime. I don’t think yelling “This is a Black World now” while attacking a family because of their skin color is a gesture of friendship. THIS IS HATE. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. Hate is in the heart, in the soul, and in the bill Eric Holder is trying to pass.

To sign a petition opposing this selective hate crimes bill, please visit www.pji.org and select sign petition on the left side of the web page.