Jackson’s Death Perfect Diversion as Obama Tour Hits Russia

While Michael Jackson is being buried today and young boys around the world can breathe easier Obama is negotiating the reduction of nuclear weaponry with the Russians. The proposed agreement would reduce both countries’ stock piles by one third.

Call me crazy but I don’t see the Putin and Medvedev duo being all that trustworthy. Some of the stunts Putin pulled when he was president were reminiscent of the old Soviet Union. I’d trust a website advertising Russian brides before I’d trust this dynamic duo.

Obama seems to be hell bent on showing the world America has changed since he’s entered the presidency. Though many fellow Americans haven’t seen through this fraud yet, I’m sure Putin and Medvedev are having a chuckle or two over the Messiah.

Even with the proposed reduction of nuclear stock piles both countries can still blow the hell out of this world. So much for arms reduction. After Russia Obama will have meetings in Italy and Ghana before heading back to the states. I wonder where Hillary is?

 Instead of being on another world tour Obama needs to be a statesman, a leader, and not a celebrity.