Libs Still Show No Class In Palin Resignation - What's New

While driving last night I switched to Fox radio. One of the few times I can’t listen to this station is when Alan Colmes in on. Well Alan wasn’t gracing the airwaves but his guest host Barry Weintraub didn’t disappoint with his brand of liberal nonsense regarding Sarah Palin.

Weintraub bellowed the usual hypocritical progressive nonsense which included “look at the designer jacket she had on during the speech” though his first lady can wear $540.00 Lanvin cap toe sneakers while visiting a food bank, and “she can’t speak in complete sentences”, while Herr Messiah needs a teleprompter, or has staged town hall meetings. Weintraub did mention Palin’s poll numbers in Alaska were falling and called her a quitter. It was nice of him though not to attack her children.

Whatever Palin’s plans are for the future I hope it’s not a presidential run. There are stronger candidates available and the Repubicans needs to be unified at this critical point in time. Her strengths are promoting growth in the private sector, and the use of Alaska’s bountiful resources. If her voice is used properly it could slow down Obama’s green madness agenda. Either way the treatment of this woman by personalities like Letterman, Stewart, Faye, and other Obamoids in the media is truly a disgrace.