Mark Kirk's Damage control on WLS

Mark Kirk – now we know what you are. A candidate for the senate seat now being mindlessly occupied by Roland Burris. Kirk decided to enhance his “electability” by voting for the biggest sham ever perpetrated on America; “Crap and Fade”. The bill which offers more crap from “Carmel Karl Marx” (Obama) and will cause jobs to fade away.


After voting like a liberal troll, or basically “Spectorizing” his supporters, Kirk was on WLS out of Chicago talking like a conservative again opposing the public health care option. Kirk claims his constituency demanded he voted for Crap and Fade because they tend to have environmental concerns unlike the voters in Peter Roskum’s district. The seat Kirk is trying for is important; it can end the socialist’s super majority in the senate.


Don’t fall for “Olympia” Kirk’s damage control tactics. He turned a deaf ear to our calls and emails. Let’s turn a deaf ear to him.