And if McCain Wins?

This has come up occasionally on RS, but usually in a “tongue-in-cheek” manner. But I’d like to hear, in all seriousness, what everyone thinks will happen if John McCain wins on November 4th? How will Obama’s supporters react? This election has clearly been one of the most acrimonious and polarizing in modern times. And, we have seen that a small number of Obamatons believe in getting him elected by any means necessary. Will this raw emotion completely explode if, by chance, their messiah is defeated?

Let’s say that it is about 2.00 am, EDT on Wednesday, November 5th. John McCain has a steady, 2% lead in the national popular vote. Furthermore, he has carried Ohio, Florida AND New Hampshire and Maine’s 2nd CD. Pennsylvania and Virginia are still too close to call, but McCain is leading. Obama has managed to only take the red states of Iowa and New Mexico, although he leads in Colorado and Nevada (both still too close to call). No electoral majority for either candidate, but it is not looking good for Obama.

Finally, after much consternation, the networks concede that McCain has an insurmountable lead in Pennsylvania and call the state for him. It’s all over and by the next morning, Virginia narrowly goes for McCain as well, giving him a comfortable win (Colorado and Nevada do go for Obama in the end).

What then? What’s been going on during all of this and what happens when McCain is declared President-elect? I mean, beyond the screaming accusations of vote fraud that many liberal talking heads will immediately spew. How will Obama supporters react as a whole?

Here are my thoughts, based only on personal experience. I live in a VERY leftist city, so I have plenty exposure to Obamaphiles of all stripes.

70-75% of Obama supporters are good, honest, reasonable patriotic folk. Whether they were tepid or passionate in their support of him, they will accept the verdict. Sure, they’ll be disappointed and dismayed, perhaps even mystified by the loss, considering that his victory had long been assumed by most of them. But in the end, the will accept the loss, recognize McCain as President-elect and go back to their lives.

Another approximately 20% of Obama supporters are good and honest people at heart but are seriously deluded by both Bush Derangement Syndrome and fawning, obsessive love and devotion to the One. He is an iconic, cult-like figure to them; a redeemer who can and will cleanse the nation. We cannot heal, cannot progress, as a country without him. He is fated to be President. And given that he is fated if McCain “wins” this must be a mistake. McCain MUST have stolen the election, period. No logic or reason will convince them otherwise. These people will be inclined to protest (peacefully) on November 5 and many days after. They’ll loudly demand recounts in every red state and create and spread the most inane conspiracy theories explaining McCain’s “victory”. They will NEVER recognize McCain as the lawful President. It will be much like many Democrats’ reaction to the 2000 election. But again, this people are good and honest at heart, and peaceful. Beyond vociferous protest, they will not go.

It is the remaining 5-10% that worry me. Those who are as deluded by Bush hatred and Obama worship as the above group (maybe even more), but are not good and honest at heart, and are not necessarily peaceful. The type of people who think Bill Ayers is a good guy BECAUSE of his Weatherman activity NOT in spite of it. The type of people who truly believe that all McCain voters are racist and Sarah Palin is truly a neo-Nazi trying to lead a lynch mob against Obama. People like the fellow in Manhattan who beat a female McCain supporter with her own sign or the individuals in Florida who shot up a Republican official’s house due to its McCain signs. How will THEY react?

I don’t know. But I worry. But I’m curious as to what everyone else thinks. Am I right to worry or am I just being paranoid?