Curious who supports Dewhurst?

In my circle of influence, we all support Ted Cruz and are looking forward to voting for him in a few days. When I see poll results showing Dewhurst with support anywhere from high 30’s to low 40’s, I wonder who in the world these supporters are.

This past weekend the Cruz campaign organized a block walk for volunteers to help out in the southwest area of Austin. I’ve block walked for candidates before and was glad to actually DO something for Ted Cruz other than attend a forum or put a bumper sticker on my car. We targeted only republican primary voters, an efficient use of resources and time.

Well, my question of who supports Dewhurst was answered. The signs in this yard caused me to crack a smile:

Y’all remember Dr. Donna Campbell; she ran a strong campaign based on conservative principles against Congressman Lloyd Doggett in 2010. Now she has her sights set on winning a Texas senate seat from the most liberal Republican currently serving, Jeff Wentworth. By some metrics, Senator Wentworth is more liberal than a couple of senate democrats. It takes a very engaged, passionate person to put a sign in their yard; you have to be willing to announce to everyone whom you support. And these homeowners are passionate about the moderate/liberal fraction in the GOP. “Birds of a feather” is truly appropriate. I know we can’t extrapolate this into everyone who supports Dewhurst is also on board with the liberal republicans, but just…. wow.

Here’s a nice conservative set of signs:tcdc

If you’ve never block walked for a candidate, I hope everyone will give it a try. It tends to be fun and the added benefit of exercise. I’ll share one more quick story from this weekend. One house I approached, the man was in the driveway so I didn’t even need to ring the doorbell. I explained who I was along with the background of targeting voters who had voted in the republican primary and asking them consider voting for Ted Cruz. The man laughed and said, “we’re democrats here”.

We joked about a couple of things and I apologized for the error once again mentioning we were only knocking on doors of republican primary voters. His wife pipes up with a sheepish grin, “I voted in the republican primary”. The look on the husband’s face will stay with me forever! She took my flyer for Ted Cruz.