Preventing a Texas Two-Step

Texas could undergo quite a dynamic change in leadership without her citizens being able to cast a single vote.

If two particular candidates win their races, then political promotions will begin inside the pink granite dome at a fervent pace: Perry becomes President and current Lt Gov. Dewhurst becomes U.S. Senator.

Let the shuffling begin:

Step 1. RINO David Dewhurst gets the win for the US Senate and resigns as Lt Gov. Then per Sec 16 of the Texas Constitution the President Pro Tempore of Senate steps in to the Lt Gov seat and calls a session of the full Senate (Sec 9) who will then elect a new Lt Gov.

Step 2. Rick Perry gets the win for President. The new Lt Gov, (remember a former RINO Texas Senator), takes over as the new Governor of Texas and the Senate gives us another new Lt Gov!

The Texas Senate is not exactly as bastion full of defenders of conservative beliefs, but there are a couple. 19 Rs/12 Ds. Of the 19 Republicans, only 4 received 70% or higher from the Texas Eagle Forum. www.texaseagle.org

Activists are being tasked with asking one of two questions of candidates: 1. If they are a candidate for the Texas House, who will you vote for Speaker (sniffing out support for Rino Straus; y’all remember that 2011 showdown!); 2. If they are a candidate for the Texas Senate, who would you vote for President Pro Tempore and Lt. Gov?

We are far more aware of what is at stake than we were in 2010 and we have educated ourselves about the rules. I’m looking forward to proving to the Establishment the Tea Party is still here; we’ve just been a little busy getting educated. See ya at the next Meet and Greet.