It's time to put on our primarying caps.

Primary adj. first in time or order or development; from which others are derived.

In Texas, our candidate filing deadline is January 1, 2012. Less than 8 months away. Can you imagine the look on some of our legislatures’ faces when they find out someone is running against them in the primary? I’m sure most of them will be incredulous.

But why not? You hired a contractor to paint the exterior of your house white; you come home from work and it’s bright red. Would you ask for your money back; fire them; or heaven forbid give them a referral? My assumption is probably not. Why would we treat our vote and choice of who will be representing us to a lesser standard?

Some questions being proposed, but we need to think about what we will be setting ourselves up for next legislative session. It will not improve the next go around if the same individuals are in office. This year might have been as good as we can get if we stay with the status quo. Let’s primary them.

The interesting benefit on the redistricting disaster is their overwhelming motivation to make “my district safer”. Well, to our currently sitting representatives, safer means redder. And redder means more conservative. We can run a candidate who is to your right! Good chance it’s to my left, but that’s another diary.

Is there someone who has been attending the Tea Party meetings consistently speaking out against the spending? Amnesty? Bigger government? Look at them through a different lens and not just as a fellow rallier. Maybe as a citizen candidate. Throw the idea out there and see if they can be called to serve. Or will you serve?

According to Heritage Alliance, 85% of districts are drawn to favor one party or the other. Essentially, the winner of the district is determined at the primary level; the general election is a non-issue. In North Texas, a long time representative was ousted in the 2010 primary by a Tea Party candidate by only a mere difference of 2000 votes. The challenger lacked funding, establishment endorsements, and campaign experience. BUT, he had the Tea Party message and a conservative movement behind him. This task is not impossible.

Time is of the essence and we need to start making our moves.

*As an added historical note, the republican who was ousted has since been the featured speaker/honoree at a LULAC banquet a few weeks ago. You just can’t make this stuff up.