Take note Texans: We are witnessing the difference between a conservative and a republican

EE mentioned on Bortz’ radio show this morning, he believes the left has given up at the state level to focus pushing their agenda at the federal level. Quite frankly, the left doesn’t need to worry about the state level because republicans will promote the progressive agenda for them.

I am being inundated by conservative grassroots organizations and blogs to please call Gov. Perry to veto republican legislation? The citizens last resort has become contacting the governor’s office to stop legislation being put forth by a super-majority of republicans…not conservatives.

Conservative House members would not have voted for a redistricting plan placing tea party freshman representatives at risk. Nor would conservative House members have voted for a speaker who made this possible. Oh, that’s right they did.

Conservative House members would not have voted for an internet tax paving the way for a federal move to tax the internet. Oh, that’s right they did

Conservative Senate members would not have voted for a redistricting plan for the State Board of Education making it virtually impossible for a conservative/former navy/hispanic board member to be re-elected. Oh, that’s right they did.

Perhaps I should find a parallel universe because all of this and more happend this week in our legislature. Republicans voted for this legislation not conservatives.

In Texas, our governor is going to have to push back against federal encroachment and push back against his own legislature. As a conservative, I believe the governor is our last hope. As a republican, I throw my hands up in the air.