Republican bill helps illegal immigrants in Texas get a driver's license.

I attended the primary debates for HD 47, so I knew Mr. Workman’s position on E-verify. No surprises as a business man in the construction industry he would deem E-verify ineffective. But, Friday morning, we learned about a bill he submitted which was a huge kick in the gut: HB 2886.

Our local am radio station’s topic was about legislation submitted to create a Green card program in Texas modeled after Utah’s bill. My own rep is the author of the bill. Mr. Workman tried to paint a rosy picture regarding the need for HB 2886 (we get to tax them) during his call into the station. Let’s just highlight 2 sections he left out of the discussion to begin feeling warm and fuzzy.

Sec 54.008. ENFORCEMENT d) If an unlawful resident alien is married to another unlawful resident alien, only one of the unlawful resident aliens must report wages to the comptroller.

If you are in our great state willingly breaking our immigration laws, you can choose which spouse reports their wages. My family would love the option of who gets to report their wages. We are all smart enough to keep the larger wage earner off the government tax rolls. Sweet little musings of class warfare.

Ok, I did save the best for last.

Sec. 54.010. BENEFITS. A person issued a resident alien card under this chapter may obtain a Texas driver’s license. The person must provide proof of insurance before being issued a driver’s lcense. Failure to maintain insurance will result in immediate deportation of the unlawful resident alien.

The illegal immigrants working in Texas get driver’s licenses! Ouch, right? I did go back and double check Valinda Bolton (D) wasn’t re-elected in HD 47. It’s true: 2010 was a Republican sweep. Voter fraud/integrity have been a top priority this session and with this bill it’s all out the window. Can you imagine the voter fraud we would be facing? The effort True The Vote put forth this session to get a photo id bill passed will be null and void.

The grassroots in very liberal Austin were able to elect a Republican as our state representative. He is submitting legislation the defeated Democrat would be proud to sponsor.