(D) Rep. Doggett (TX, CD-25) is dodging Obamacare! Surprise, Surprise.

Falling in line with commands from atop the Democrat Party, our trusty Democrat Congressman issued his first campaign ad without a word about their historic health care bill.

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And in his own words, he admits to writing the bill.

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If we racap how he perceived his fringe tea-party constituents a few months back,

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So by not taking pride and ownership in one of his biggest legislative accomplishments is he admitting the mob was right?  We all know this is not the case, but it is a testament to the volatility of a left-leaning seat in Austin, Tx.  Even ultra-liberal Lloyd Doggett is not embracing the health care bill.  To be able to hold him accountable with both his words and video, provides his constituents with a clear reason to term limit him this November. 

Republican candidate Dr. Donna Campbell is running a strong campaign which is gaining momentum.  The force of an ER doctor and her concern that doctors will be treating patients by government decree instead of by medical degree will be a reckoning.  www.drdonnaforcongress.com