Takeaway From My First RPT State Convention

The Republican Party of Texas convened this weekend in Dallas.  As an Austin resident, I can’t emphasize enough how refreshing it was to be around like minded individuals for a couple of days.  When Redstate holds its gathering here in Austin this September, it will also be a breath of fresh air.


Politics has only recently been on my radar.  I’m not sure if it started when Rev Wright, Obama or Palin exploded on the national scene.  Wright offended me; Obama scared me; and Palin inspired me.  The blogging by ColdWarrior was all it took to teach me how I could get involved. 


And being involved has been a lot of fun.  From the precinct, to the district and onto being a delegate at our state’s convention, it seems to have been politics as both usual and unusual.  Our Republican Leader of the House has been campaigning and fundraising for Democrats, so his getting heckled during his convention speech seemed unusual.   It’s particularly egregious knowing strong, conservative candidates are on the ticket like www.JamesWhiteforEastTexas.com.


Blatant politics as usual occurred during our senatorial caucus.  Not wanting to get mired down in the details, to summarize: our elected representative to the Nominations Committee for the Chairperson of RPT did not vote with the will of her caucus.  Her actions as an elected official breaking the trust of the constituents was particularly irksome! 


Gov. Perry, Rep. Michelle Bachman and Gov Haley Barbour were just some of the energizing speeches we heard.  Everyone talked about conservative principles, spending and Obamacare.  One glaring omission from the speeches was the need to grow our conservative base.  McCain was the first presidential candidate to win the white vote, but lose the election.  If we want to win, our base has to become bigger than theirs.


Overall, I learned a lot about the process and came away more motivated than ever to help keep Texas red.  ColdWarrior might find it encouraging that the majority of the counties in my caucus were at full voting strength!  Conservatives and Republicans are energized.