A General's Defection

Colin Powell professed, as he veered to the left, that the Republican Party had abandoned him. I find it interesting as a young voter that I have not heard Mr. Powell speak on politics before. Granted he is an upstanding member of our society, but I did not recognize him as a political figure per se until he came out in support of Obama. The gentleman claims that the Republican Party has moved too far to the right. I ask you: how does supporting the most liberal figure in American history dissuade Republicans from moving even further to the right in reaction? Didn’t Dickens hammer this point home in A Tale of Two Cities when banished French moderates braved the dangers of traveling home asking themselves one simple question: ‘What will become of France if her sons abandon her now, when she needs them most’.
How does removing your own moderate voice from the party purport to effect moderate change? My fellow citizens if you feel, as William F. Buckley Jr. felt, that moderation has been abandoned by your party: raise your voice in moderation. If that has no effect, then preach moderation immoderately. And if you find that this still fails, then launch a Republican revolution rather than a democratic scandal. My dear General, perhaps they did not cover the concept of holding out in your strategic studies. If your team has fallen to the influences of bad judgment or poor leadership, perhaps you should consider raising your voice to reason, to moderation, and to the true tenants of republicanism before singing the praises of the opposition. It seems to me, Sir, imprudent and intemperate to seek a place among the ranks of a different team merely because your own is misguided; especially when you yourself are so well placed to provide sober guidance and good leadership.

      Simper Fideles,                        R Publius           Our nation is struggling : americasstrugglewithsuccess.com
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