Slogans to greet Obama with in Germany!

Since April of 2007 I have found myself living in Germany, though I am originally from Arizona. Being so far away has left me feeling especially helpless and powerless to influence any type of political decisions that are fundamentally changing the face of the USA. I watched the election process from afar and was continually disgusted just how one sided and biased the German Medias treatment of Obama was. One event that was particularly mind boggling was when a young man chanting Obama slogans could not name Obamas choice for VP, or John McCain, BUT had watched Harry Flynts version of Sarah Palin in action.

Being a (hesitant) McCain supporter made me a Minority here in Germany, and voicing any support for Palin turned me into a green colored Martian (think “Mars Attacks”)!

Obama will be conveniently landing here in Germany in either Baden-Baden, or Lahr which are around 25 minutes drive away from my house. I would like to show my disapproval of the latest in “Stimulus Bills”, broken campaign promises, and the blatant inexperience that has been exhibited by the Obama White House over the last few weeks. 

I ask if you have any good ideas for slogans for signs to please share them! I have a few of my own, but I would like to hear other ideas as well!


I thank you greatly in advance for your time!