With Threats of Lame Duck session shenanigans looming, new strategy required.

It seems every day another congressional leader from the left side of the aisle makes ominous rumblings about just what they could get done in a lame duck session of Congress during the month of December. This is more of the nasty side of DC politics and liberals typically write their own rulebooks when denied the chance to do things by normal and proper processes. This year is no exception.

Republicans need a strategy that continues beyond the ethics investigation of Charlie Rangel. Dems have certainly bent, broken and trashed rules and laws over the last two years. Sharp-eyed Republicans should know exactly what these violations are, and give Democrats something to worry about. A good anti-Lame Duck strategy would be to get on the offensive and play as dirty as necessary to put Democrats on their heels.

A failure to do so will guarantee 4-6 years of working to repeal legislation enacted in a 30 day period.