The Daily Rant July 8, 2010

In an effort to consolidate  my reposting (with comments) of news articles I am attempting to put them all in one daily Blog post which will make for easier reading. Starting tomorrow I will add three additional sections: (1) The Daily Radical, which will profile an administration radical leftist, (2) The Daily RINO, which will profile a liberal in elephant’s clothing, and (3) The Daily Patriot, which will profile a Patriot that is truly concerned and doing something about illegal and unConstitutional encroachment of government in our lives.

I hope you enjoy…

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Top Story:

Holder Justice Department scandal over dismissal of voter intimidation case against Black Panthers

I hate to say it, but if the roles were reversed and this involved whites, there would be the biggest public trial we have seen in some time. Instead, the Holder Justice Department drops the charges against the New Black Panthers AFTER receiving a guilty verdict. The attached YouTube video here shows the leader of the party, and one of the defendants in this trial vomiting his view on whites. In short he says “you have to kill some “crackers”. I thought hate crimes legislation was supposed to stop this stuff. Hmmm… oh wait, that is only to be used when the hate is directed towards minorities, gays, or people that simply want to kill unborn babies.. I stand corrected. In any case, the actions of the Obama/Holder DOJ prove that The New Black Panthers are their buddies, and the administration has no problem with their hate-filled view of what to do with “crackers” or making policy based on skin color.(BLOG) There is an obvious color bias in the DOJ.

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Just when you thought it was safe to go to the bank, Democrats now want to tax your ATM withdrawals.

Yeah, you read it right. Tax your ATM withdrawals. I’m speechless on this one.

Obama Administration Appoints another wealth redistributing socialist to a high government post (running Medicare no less)

Obama bypasses the Senate confirmation process complaining that the GOP is holding up the process of approving his appointments (ABC VIDEO). He does so by using his powers to appoint anyone to any post he chooses while Congress is in recess. Two other appointees were also appointed in this manner, one of which had actually been held up by a Democratic Senator (Sherrod Brown) who had some issues with the appointee’s past business dealings. While normally reserved for emergency situations, Obama misuses his executive powers once again. I bet he wanted to play King Henry VIII in the school play too.

More on Berwick here….

Nancy Pelosi urges Dems to campaign on the successful passage of the Healthcare Reform Bill.

She is smoking crack. The majority of Americans favor repeal of the legislation. So I say: Yeah! Listen to Nancy! Wear that monkey on your back with pride! She hastens their retirement….and her own. The movement within the House Chambers to overturn the law is gaining steam with 109 yes votes so far…

Obama strong-arms Israeli PM over construction in the West Bank.

America typically pays a heavy price everytime this happens. GOD is watching.

The Patriot of the Day (article)

Victoria Jackson is a comedienne, singer and actress. That means she lives in the land of fruits and nuts… entertainment la-la land that is populated by the most liberal group of ninnies on the planet. And lots of them would be her potential employers. As a general rule, at least acting liberal is a good idea if you want to keep eating. Backing Sarah Palin is suicidal. And brave. And Patriotic. Victoria is vocal about her views regarding our country, and its current president as well as her support for Sarah Palin. For that, she is my pick for The Patriot of the Day.






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