Boiling a Frog

Most have heard the story about how if you were to put a frog in a pan of water and slowly increase the heat that the frog would sit there and take it until the water boiled. Once that happened the frog would have long since lost the capacity to escape. Supposedly the amphibian accepts the small temperature changes and really doesn’t sense the danger until it is too late. Seriously I wonder if that has ever been tried, but I know one thing for sure: Conservative Americans are definitely “the frog” and the “water” is certainly getting progressively hotter. It is time for some ice in the water.

Progressives like their name because that is what they do: they progressively change the norm until a time will come that we don’t even remember what the “norm” was. Any real student of history since the early 1900s will see the effect that progressive policies have had on Americans and American culture. We have moved ever so closely year after year towards a more socialist society. In the name of security we have given up so much. We accept the lies of politicians in an offhand way knowing that they are instinctively liars and we have become too lazy to hold them accountable. The promises of our leaders are routinely forgotten by them as soon as they no longer need our votes.  Taxes have been progressively raised and are applied in a marxist-progressive system designed to prevent the rise of the aristocracy. At least that is what they tell us blatantly. Quietly they know that we will soon forget what they are doing until, like the frog in boiling water, it is too late.

For these many decades liberals have convinced us that government knows best, is best designed to provide our retirement, healthcare, schools, and a myriad number of other things until such time that we are overwhelmed with government. Obama complains that the Constitution is a document of negative liberties. It does a good job of telling government what it cannot do, yet doesn’t do much in the way of telling us what government ought to do. There is a reason for this. Our founders knew that government the size of the present monstrosity would be tyrannical in nature. Although communist philosophy was not something that was regularly contemplated, man’s desire to enslave other men by government and religion was an accepted fact. As such, the Constitution limited the ability of government and men to accomplish this and provided a legal means by which we could challenge overreaching authority of government.

Over time we have lost perspective and understanding of this powerful truth: government derives its power from the governed, not the other way around. The progressive work of radicals both inside and outside of government can be resisted legally and peacefully. This will not, however, be true forever. Already too long we have sat placidly in a pot of water while the temperature climbed to uncomfortable levels. Progressives know this to be true too.

This brings me to Obama. Liberals and radicals have patiently worked for decades to achieve their goals from without and within. Saul Alinsky preached to his followers that it was necessary to work from within the machine until such time that they would be able to topple it, and fundamentally change America.

Even as Europe founders financially liberals espouse the wonders of the European system. Why? Because they know that they must stay the course to convert this capitalist society to a socialist one. In 2008 radicals worldwide rejoiced over the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Through him they felt and continue to feel that he would usher in unprecedented, fundamental change. That is what he promised during his candidacy. People ignored this kind of talk, but it is wise to remember that he is a lawyer. Words mean a lot  to him. When he said “fundamental” he was being accurate. Change from the ground up.

When something is fundamentally changed it means a rework of its DNA. The foundations must be altered. Once changed, it will look nothing like what it was before. The result: Economic justice, income redistribution, socialized medicine, amnesty for illegal aliens, and a complete alteration of how our country works with the rest of the world. After decades of patient plodding it was time for progressives to play their hand; to make massive changes to the America that so many died to protect.

Our schools have been full of liberal ideology for a long time. Today a full 1/3 of young adults under the age of thirty think that socialism is preferable to capitalism. 1/3 strongly disagree. What about the other 1/3? They are undecided. This is our battleground. Daily we now see the attempts at massive change. We also know it will cost us our freedom. Not today, but in not so many years away because economically this capitalist society cannot function as a socialist one as well. The water is getting hotter and hotter. It is time now to end all of this “change” before we lose the ability to stop it.