The Hypocrisy of Washington

Call it “tilting at windmills” but I still think that (1) things are not the way they are supposed to be and (2) we can change the downhill path of our country. In 2008 Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) campaigned for President as a “moderate”. I didn’t believe that he was, but at least he did his best to paint himself that color. 15 months after his inauguration President Obama has done nothing to prove he is a moderate. In fact his actions have proven him to be the complete opposite and has a radical agenda promoted by radicals in his cabinet and his group of “Czars”. At a time of massive economic stress we have a President who has never even run a convenience store at the helm. What have we done?

The Arizona legislature enacted a law to try to protect its citizens from illegal immigration. It has been vilified by the mainstream media and Arizona is subject to numerous threats of boycotts etc. The law was written because the Obama administration had done a poor job of protecting Arizona from something that is clearly a federal responsibility. Instead of being contrite and offering to work with this state, the Community Organizer in Chief took to the road to make fun of Arizona’s plight and make the point that amnesty is the answer to the problem. Instead of taking a leadership role, Obama’s speeches have the ring of campaigning. There is nothing presidential about his response to his own failures. He simply blames existing immigration laws. It is as if the real victims are the illegals themselves. Mr. Flip-Flop (John McCain) has reversed himself on the Arizona border fence because he faces a real fight this year from a real conservative candidate. His current protestations are again evidence of Washington’s hypocrisy. McCain was dead-set against it up until real conservatives showed their heads in Arizona and the RINO McCain feared losing his cushy job.

Today in D.C. Congress debates over financial reform legislation while taking Goldman Sachs to the woodshed publicly for their role in the financial meltdown that currently plagues the country. Many see these investment bankers as evil and have been called thieves. Let’s explore that. If Goldman Sachs were actually thieves, then what was stolen (money) is stolen property. It is illegal to have possession of, or to receive, or even purchase stolen property. In the 2008 election cycle Goldman Sachs gave over $2.5 million to 10 politicians. Guess who got the most? Obama received just under $1 million in campaign contributions. Are the same people clammoring that Goldman Sachs was involved in larceny also calling for the heads of the recipients of gifts that were no doubt stolen property? When asked if he was planning on returning Goldman Sachs money, Obama said uncategorically “No”. Is the money dirty? Probably. Does Obama care if this makes him look dirty? No. The mystery man from Chicago feels that he is immune from having to do the right thing even if it is clear what he should do.

This hypocrisy is millions of miles away from what the founders described and expected from government. The first two or three presidents had to be convinced to even take the job. Neither George Washington nor Thomas Jefferson was enamored with the position and considered it a huge responsibility, certainly not one of great honor. Thomas Jefferson regularly answered the door of the White House himself, sometimes in house slippers. This is a far cry from the arrogance of our presidents of late. Obama seems to be the most arrogant we have seen yet, eclipsing even Bill Clinton. It is time now to elect humble politicians bent not by political ideology but instead motivated by their desire to defend the Constitution and get about the business of running a frugal government that does not tyrannize the people of the United States.