On a Runaway Roller Coaster

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Imagine yourself on a rollercoaster ride at Universal Studios. You have been on it before, but this time you hear lots of ominous-sounding mechanical noises and frankly the ride seems out of control. There are screeching, and hammering, and breaking noises that you never heard before. You are terrified, or at least should be. Would you prefer that the ride slow down so you can finish it, or not knowing when something might break would you like it to stop so you could get off immediately? Ride on or stop? Choose. One guarantees your safety, the other might make it safe to continue or you could be injured or worse. Choose. Will you gamble with your life if you have the choice not to? Choose. You’re not a helpless victim yet, you have the singularly unique opportunity to stop the ride right now. Choose. Choose. CHOOSE!

America’s roller coaster ride is in exactly this condition. There are noises all around us that tell us that the ride us unsafe. In fact the ride is completely out of control and is operating in no manner consistent with the designer’s intentions. Over the decades management has tweaked the ride with changes that never referred to the original engineering designs. While making it more fun, these changes weakened the structure and put it on a path to eventual failure. If it collapses the ride will be shut down and replaced with a new completely different one that bears no resemblance to the original one…is this alliteration falling on deaf ears or can you see it?

I say the ride is out of control. My evidence: This week in California some kids were sent home from school because their clothes were inflammatory. What were they wearing? Shirts with American Flags and the U.S. Constitution on them. School officials claimed that it might inflame Mexican students on Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday.

Politicians are trying like hell to block a complete audit of the Federal Reserve. Why? Secrets secrets secrets. There are things they don’t want us to know.

While spending money and massive amounts of political capital on things that government thinks it should do, it neglects Constitutional mandates to protect our borders to the point that Arizona is forced to enact a new law that has the entire nation up in arms over potential civil rights violations. None have occurred  yet. An Arizona deputy was shot in the stomach, but nobody’s civil rights have been violated. This situation has sparked a new round of debate over states’ rights. Excellent. Our community organizer in chief has actually made light of Arizona’s border struggles. The Arizona Governor had some choice words for Obama’s snide comments. Our President is refusing to do his job.

The Marine Corps will not accept recruits that have Confederate tattoos. They will, however, accept radical muslims who will eventually open fire on Americans on a U.S. military base. The Navy just finished prosecuting three SEALS in a courts martial for punching a terrorist in the stomach after capturing him in Iraq. This terrorist was responsible for many deaths and was a high value capture. The SEALS were all found not guilty. That is not the issue. They should have received medals for catching the guy, and vacations for administering a little what-for afterwards.

The number one book on Amazon’s non-fiction list is: “The Manchurian President”. Go figure.

The Speaker of the House says “we have to pass the healthcare reform bill so we can see what is in it”. Harry Reid says our income tax system is “voluntary“.

Debt levels are spiraling upwards while Congress plots even more taxes. The government hides true unemployment numbers while doubling the amount of time people can receive unemployment benefits.

We have a president who, to date, has spent over $2 million in legal fees in order to block access to his past.  His wife has publicly called him a Kenyan. I am no birther but this is very unique. We have never had so many questions about the past personal history of a President in our history yet we live in a time when information is one of the easiest things to obtain. What is the truth. Why is it being obscured? There is something Mr. Obama doesn’t want us to know.

Our world and our country is out of control. The events in Greece are a harbinger of things to come in the U.S. unless we change our ways. We can’t keep spending, even on those sacred cows of Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and the U.S. Military. We have to achieve some balance or one day the United States will be no more. We have to stop the ride now. We can stop it in November. Let’s hope nothing critical breaks between now and then.